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Unlocking Growth: How TikTok Advertising Empowers Small Businesses

With this hype comes the notice of small businesses, as shown in a TikTok Marketing Survey conducted by software company Capterra. A survey revealed that out of the 78% of small businesses that advertise on TikTok, most have already achieved favorable ROI — with many doing so within only six months.

Due to its high success rate, 52 percent of TikTok marketers surveyed report that they would spend even more money on the platform in 2023 and only about one-fifth of businesses not currently using it have concerns over data practices.

“TikTok has a huge following because its seemingly infinite content feels authentic and direct—videos made by real people for other real people. Making an ad that captures the understated, natural feel of native TikTok videos helps businesses slide in amongst naturally occurring content,” says Molly Burke, senior retail analyst at Capterra.

Capterra states that more than three quarters of TikTok businesses post organic content for free, while less than two-thirds invest in advertisement on the network to find trends or monitor their competitors. For companies that share organic and sponsored content, almost three out of every four businesses consider TikTok’s non-paid posts to be ‘extremely important’, as 72 percent said so.

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